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Wow! It's kinda hard to read this layout! -changes font-
Ok now, givin it my best shot!

Rock. My names Chrysty, aka- Kitty, Kitten, Super Mommy...
I had my name changed at 18 to 'Chrysty' since half the other people in my family were named 'Christy.'
I've always liked to be different, yet never labeled, except as myself.
I live in the crumby little town o0f Butler, PA, which hereby requires me to take occasional trips to Pittsburgh every weekend to Club Laga.

List at least 10 of your favorite bands or singers-
VNV Nation
45 Grave
Coal Chamber (Dez is my cousin)
Alien Sex Fiend
Jack Off Jill
Tori Amos
The Cure
Alkaline Trio
Switchblade Symphony

List at least 5 of your favorite movies-
Empire Records
Girl, Interrupted
Night Of The Living Dead
Lilo & StitchThe Last Unicorn

List your interests and/or hobbies-

I've always loved Art. All kinds... photography, painting, dancing, sculpture. I wanted to be an art major. I went to Butler County Community College for Fine Arts, then transfered to IUP for Interdisiplinary Fine Arts. After a while there I realized Art wasn't as thrilling if I was required to do it. I finished up my term at IUP and now I'm a student at Butler Beauty Academy and loving it. Mmmm... cosmo girl.
I love guitar. Acoustic and electric. I used to be in a band, but college took over and too many people said we sounded like a cheach KITTIE rip-off. Losers...

Tell us how you spend your days-
Oddly enough, I'm a lifegaurd. I spend my days getting paid to get a tan and scream at small children. At night time the ventures to Eat'N'Park or clubs are to be expected. The day rarely ends before 5am. Yep...

Tell us what you think is cool and stylish-
To put it bluntly. Cool is being yourself and not trying to live someone elses life for them. Don't try to 'fit in' cause its what everyone else once, do what makes you happy.

Ok, now that I feel as though I should've applied for Miss America, here's the un-anticipated photos!!!

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